Plano Guitar Instruction

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My name is Thom Hanby and I have been a professional guitarist since I was in high school. I have done countless performances locally and toured with "name" Artists extensively. I also have been heavily involved in the recording scene here in DFW for Radio and TV commercials and on records here and in Los Angeles. I came to DFW area to attend UNT where I was offered a scholarship for guitar and my group won Downbeat Magazine Jazz/Rock group of the year. I have been teaching and developing my craft that entire time. I also have been involved with music at various Churches over the years.
The guitar lessons are custom designed for each individual guitar student, and are geared towards each guitar student’s individual needs and goals. Usually we meet once per week, this gives students time to develop what we are working on. Although a correct mixture of technique, theory (musical knowledge) are taught along with other skills, emphasis is put on hearing correctly and PLAYING. The songs we play can be anywhere from modern to classic to whatever. My students are all levels and can be anywhere from beginner to pro.

If you are interested in discussing the lessons with me, give me a call at the number on the Contact page.

Thank You


( If you are interested in hearing me play go to itunes, find the Artist "Noell", and look for the record "Child Of God", and all the guitars are me).